Tired of living with dish stackers or worrying if your flatmate will pay their portion of the rent on time. We created some tips to teach you how to find the perfect flatmate.

Find-Perfect-FlatmateThe right flatmate can make a big difference in any flatshare. As anyone who has shared a home with the wrong flatmates, the right mix of flatmates can be one of the biggest differences in making a house feel like a home. Unfortunately, when living together, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. This means knowing how to find the perfect flatmate can be hard.

Here are a few of the best tricks to use during your search for the perfect flatmate.

Decide what makes a perfect flatmate for you.


A perfect flatmate can mean very different things to different people.
For some people the perfect flatmate is someone who stays quietly in their room. Others want someone to go to Wetherspoons with every night. Others want to find someone who is as neurotically clean as they are.

If you really want to find the perfect flatmate, know what a good flatmate looks like to you. Knowing the type of person you are looking for will give you a much better shot at finding the right person.

You can also try out using acasa with your flatmates to manage household finances. acasa is a free tool for tracking expenses with the people you live with and setting-up your utilities.

Start your search with mutual friends.

Be sure to let all of your close friends know you are looking to find a flatmate. Chances are your interests and living style will line up much better with someone you are already friends with than taking your chances with the basic internet flatmate query.


Don’t underestimate the power of posting a Facebook status. Those slight acquaintances we call Facebook friends can be very helpful on a flatmate search. Your university lab partner that you are still cyberly connected to might just be able to give you an introduction to the perfect flatmate.


Meet in person!

via GIPHYThere is no better way to get the vibe of someone that to meet them in person. Lots of people can seem amazing via email or text messages but be completely different in person.

If you already live in the flat, have them come to the flat to visit. You can also attend flatmate search meetup events to meet a lot of potential flatmates at once. If you absolutely cannot meet in person do you best to chat with them via Skype.


Ask a lot of questions.

You don’t really know someone until you have lived together. Even if you are moving in with a friend, make sure you ask a lot of questions. Learn as much as you can about their living habits.


While there are many questions to consider, the most important ones are those that are specifically relevant to sharing a home.

Are they employed? (You don’t want to get stuck footing all the bills – plus you can use acasa to split them ;))
What time do they go to bed?
Do they like to have guests over?
When do they tend to shower?
What are their cleaning habits?

These are all important things to consider when living with someone else. This page offers a full list of questions to ask a flatmate.

Ask them what they expect in a flatmate.

Knowing what they would want in a perfect flatmate is also important to making sure you will be a good match. If they are hoping to find someone who wants to barbecue every night and you’re a vegetarian, that could be an early sign of a problem.


Get lucky.

While not exactly actionable, even asking all the right questions, you can still get it wrong and end up living with the wrong person. Some people are great at introductions but turn out to be very different when you are actually interacting every day.

If you do end up living with someone who isn’t right, try to talk to them about the flatmate problems you have early. The sooner you talk about the problems the easier it is to get things resolved.


If the person really ends up not working as a flatmate, don’t be afraid to kick them out. While this can be an extremely awkward conversation, living with the right group of people makes a huge difference in overall happiness. Plus then you can follow these tips on how to find the perfect flatmate again. ;D

Plus living with flatmates can be even easier if you use acasa to track and split your shared expenses!

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