How to pay for your TV Licence monthly – without paying extra

Did you know that when you pay your TV Licence monthly by Direct Debit, you need to pay double for the first six months?

The following TV Licence price details are taken directly from the TV Licensing website.

This money-saving tip is shared by acasa – an app which easily manages and divides up your TV Licence payments (and any other bills!) between housemates.

acasa allows spreading out TV Licence payments without needing to pay double in advance.

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How to Pay a TV Licence

There are lots of ways to pay a TV Licence in the UK; we’ve broken down the payment options, and shown the extra fees or charges that you end up paying.

Paying Yearly

A UK TV Licence can be paid annually / yearly with a one-off, up-front payment of £154.50; this isn’t always a good option if people don’t want to cough up that much money at once!

These payments can be made either through Direct Debit or using a bank card. If using Direct Debit, you will be charged for a new licence automatically every year. For students who often stay in a houseshare for only one year, that may not be the most convenient option.

Paying Quarterly

The next option is to pay quarterly (every 3 months). This involves one payment of about £40 every 3 months. This still isn’t ideal if you’re paying the rest of your bills monthly and want things to be kept to single automatic monthly bill payments.

The total amount you end up paying this way is £155.50 per year; only £1 more than if you paid for your licence up front.

As the TV Licence website says;

Unlike other payment methods, with quarterly payments you don’t pay for any of your licence upfront. As a result, each quarterly payment includes a £1.25 premium.

Paying Monthly

This option seems the best at first glance! The monthly amount is “from £12.87”. In theory, that’s a great price. BUT the catch is that to pay TV Licence payments monthly, the first 6 months need to be paid double, so you pay for one full (12-month) licence within the first 6 months.

Monthly TV licensing payments seem attractive, but you pay double for the first six months

This can be very frustrating, especially when you have a shorter tenancy and don’t want to pay for more than 12 months of TV Licence in total.

acasa offers a pretty unique way to pay your TV licence monthly instead of quarterly or annually (up front), without the unpleasant 6-month double-paying weirdness that TV Licensing charges

Pay TV Licence Monthly through acasa

The MAGIC of acasa

When you sign up to pay your bills through acasa, we can automatically sort out your TV Licence payments and divide them with your housemates.

Get started setting up your bills (and TV Licence!) by entering your postcode here.

Behind the scenes, acasa pays your licence directly to TV Licensing through quarterly Direct Debit from our bank account. We break down the charge into quarterly payments and collect £12.96 per month, automatically divided between you and all your housemates.

acasa also automatically requests a refund of any unused (complete) months of your TV Licence when you move out of the property; just make sure you let us know when you’re moving out. 🙂

Split Your TV Licence + Bills Payments Now!