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3 easy tips on how to get more for your money when flat hunting

Renting is hard, the rental market moves fast! Plus, there are so many platforms to search for properties on… where do you start?! London itself is expensive and finding a flat that fits your budget can seem like an impossible task. has put together the three biggest tips on how to make your flat […]

Life is a journey through Property Loops

Having worked in property the last 13 years*, I like to make the joke that I’ve done everything you can imagine with every kind of building, except owned one personally. Spending so much time dealing with property from nearly every facet has enabled me to unearth some interesting patterns and insights, including one that I […]

acasa: Helping renters worldwide save money and time managing their homes

Each month, the majority of our money gets spent on running our homes. From rent & electricity to the wifi, household bills are expensive! Yet when it comes to actually managing these expenses, it feels like our homes are still stuck in the dark ages. Dealing with home finances, maintenance, utilities and services is a […]

How to save hundreds of £’s on your student housing bills

You’re a student, so finances are tight. While we know that you want to spend your money on booze and late night chicken, we all need to keep a roof over our heads and have lights that turn on. Each month, rent and the essential housing bills are one of the biggest hits to the […]

How you can save time, money and the planet by paying your energy bill.

What if doing the right thing for the planet also saved you time and money? Supplying your home with renewable energy doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, for many homes across the UK it is actually more affordable. acasa provides your home with 100% renewable electricity that is cheaper than Big 6. It’s […]

How to Deal with a Bad Housemate?

Don’t let a bad housemate ruin your home. 4 actionable tips to deal with that nasty housemate. Communal living has the potential of being truly awesome. It can literally mean living with your best mates 🙂 Just imagine: Pizza, beers and banter every night, wardrobe sharing for endless outfit options and no hassle from your […]

Best Cities for Millennials in the U.S.

Numerous factors come into play when finding the best place to live, especially when jumpstarting a career or moving around as a young professional. Housing affordability, income growth, jobs, neighborhood amenities, transportation and weather all help determine your quality of life. But, most cities don’t offer everything simultaneously, so the key is finding balance. This […]

Everything you need to know about a short term lease

Unlease is a platform for renting rooms for 1-4 months in Oxford and London. We sat down with Jack Crewe, Unlease’s digital marketer to learn more about what having a short-term lease really entails. How does a short-term lease differ from a traditional lease? Time. Traditionally leases take the form of a 12-month contract, which […]

The University Cheat Sheet to Student Budgeting

  The University Cheat Sheet to Student Budgeting from acasa   This student budget ‘cheat sheet’ is a tool to help students learn how to effectively budget during university. It provides actionable personal finance tips that students can take to save money. The tips included are to help students budget in every aspect of their […]

Moving to London? Guide to everything from finding a place to live to getting a job.

Moving to London can be overwhelming. With 8.5 million residents and counting, London is one of the world’s largest and most economically powerful cities. Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals, families and couples are moving to London from around the world. Do you want to be one of them? We wanted to help make […]