How to contact acasa

Support is open 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday. You can message us via the app. You’ll get a notification when we reply, and all chat history is available on the app. Simply click ‘Contact Support’ on the Support page. You can email us at You can call us […]

How do I take a water meter reading?

Most meters are read by the water company themselves twice a year and your water bills will usually be based on actual meter readings. Finding your meter Most meters are on the public footpath outside your house or in the front garden. Occasionally it is located inside the house next […]

Ensuring your switchover to Octopus Energy is successful

When you’ve moved in, you should let your current supplier know that you have. If you don’t, you’re likely to have your switchover to Octopus Energy prevented. You can find your existing energy supplier by calling this number (it takes 1 minute): 0870 608 1524 You’ll only be able to name […]

What happens if someone moves in or out?

Moving in Simply go to Settings > Invite Someone > and share the invite code. They’ll use the invite code, and join the house. You or they can then edit costs to involve them in the recurring bills. To pay their share, they simply need to add a card by […]

We’re all moving out, what do we do next?

It’s ok, we’ll eliminate the worst of the hassle for you. We help you close everything down, get your final bills paid, and get those refunds back too. Simply tell us in advance of you leaving, and keep your house account open until we’ve got all the final bills from […]

Our story, and our vision

The way the world lives and works, plays and pays, travels and stays has changed forever. ‘Generation Rent’ has embraced these changes like no other. But when it comes to actually managing where we spend most of our time and money – the home – none of these seismic shifts […]