After I set up my bills, how long until they are live?


Immediately! Your water company can back-date your account so it’s opened from the day your tenancy begins (which is the date you’re responsible for the water bills from; even if you don’t move in until later). There is no switch over or physical set-up needed for water.

TV Licence:

Immediately! You’ll be charged your first monthly payment for TV Licence soon after you sign up. After you make your first payment, you will receive an email from TV Licensing containing your licence.


The quickest set up for broadband takes 10-14 days after the order is put through. The provider will contact you directly over email to keep you updated about your installation.


The switchover to a new energy provider takes at least 17 days. The provider (such as ScottishPower or Octopus) will inform you about the switch process. If you have already moved into your home, your energy is automatically provided by the current/existing supplier to the home. You will need to pay the final bill for any days used of energy from the previous supplier outside of acasa. For help finding details of your current/existing supplier, see this article.

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