Can I cancel my services when I move out, or if I’m not happy?

In most cases, yes.

Water – you are only ever charged for your time (and usage) at the property. You can always speak directly to the water supplier if you need to, to inform them of your move-in and move-out dates.

Energy – before your switchover you can stop the switch whenever you like. Once the switchover has completed, you can switch away to another supplier – although do check the tariff for any exit fees.

Broadband – before your installation you can cancel at any point. After the installation, there is typically a “cool off period” during which you can cancel; useful if the service is not up to the standard you expect. This is rare though because we check and approve all our providers. It’s always worth speaking to the provider if you have any queries or concerns.

TV Licence – before once you’ve set up your TV Licence, you can always cancel it if you move out. The refund policy depends on your payment schedule but you can typically receive a refund for complete unused months on your licence.

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