Can I cancel my services when I move out, or if I’m not happy?

Yes you can. If you’ve got any balance due, we’ll ensure that is refunded too.

Water – we’ll simply switch it back to you to handle directly. In some instances you may have to pay the final bill via acasa, but can then take over yourself.

Energy – before your switchover you can stop the switch whenever you like. If it’s after the switchover, you can choose to go direct with Octopus Energy, or you can switch away to another supplier.

Broadband – before your installation you can cancel at any point. After the installation, a cancellation will result in you having to pay the remainder of the months in the contract, like a mobile phone contract. So if you cancel after 9 months of a 12 month contract, you’ll still have to pay the remaining 3 months. If the service is not setup completely and you are not receiving internet, then you can cancel at any point without charge if the technical team of Zone Broadband is unable to resolve the issue.

TV Licence – before you pay for your first cost you can cancel simply. After that, simply tell us the date you wish to cancel from and we’ll cancel the licence for you.

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