Ensuring your switchover to a new supplier is successful

When you’ve moved in, you should let your current supplier know that you have. If you don’t, you’re likely to have your switchover to the new supplier blocked. See here for how to find your current supplier. You can find out your current supplier by following these steps.

You’ll only be able to name one person on the account, but don’t worry – you’re only setting setting this up for a few days to stop the switchover to your new supplier from being prevented. You’ll need to pay the existing supplier for any usage between the day you move in and the day you switch to a new supplier.

Below are a handful of links to the most common energy companies where they have their moving in steps. In all honesty, they’re not always good, and we apologise that we haven’t simplified this yet. We’re working on it… and it’s promising that you won’t have to do this in your next acasa property.

British Gas





Scottish Power

Spark Energy

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