How does being metered or unmetered affect my bill?

Confused about your water bill? acasa helps set up, split and settle up your water bills from the start to end of your tenancy – we collect and transfer your money to the water company, without adding a fee. It doesn’t matter if your water is metered or unmetered; you’ll only pay exactly what the water company charges. Enter your postcode to get started.

If you don’t have a water meter, your water company will provide us bills that are of a fixed amount based on your house’s rateable value – this value was fixed in 1990, and cannot be changed. It means that no matter your actual usage, you will pay a fixed annual amount. This means that after your first bill, your monthly payments will be the same.

If you do have a water meter, your water company will estimate the amount you will use based on the number of people in your house, the house type, and past usage at the property. This will provide a repeated monthly payment towards your account. Meter readings are taken by water companies once every 6 months, and when your meter reading is taken you will receive a bill. Your previous payments will have built up a balance, and the amount used is deducted from that balance. You will then be in either credit or debit on the account.

If you are in debit (used more than you’d paid for), we’ll create a new cost to make up the difference, and then adjust your monthly payments so it’s closer to your actual usage. If you’re in credit (you’re owed money), then no further payments are required.

By the time you move out, if you have overpaid, we’ll issue you and your house a refund so that you will only have paid for your exact usage.

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