How much money can I send through acasaPay after I verify my ID?

Our limits aim to get out of your way and the vast majority of customers will never notice these limits!

After uploading your proof of ID, you will be able to send or receive a maximum of £1000 (across 30 payments) through acasaPay each month. The smallest payment you can make is £0.10. These restrictions are implemented in order to prevent abuse of the service and to reduce the fees we incur to serve a small fraction of customers. 🔐

Hitting the limits? We sometimes see users hitting the 30-payment limit when they attempt to repay every single cost with a corresponding payment. This is not how to use acasa! Instead, you can pay one payment (as recommended by the app) to settle up every few weeks, or – better still – take it in turn to pay for home expenses and track them in the app; everything will cancel out and you’ll end up not owing each other much at all!

You might find this useful too – how balances work.

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