I sent money to someone who hasn’t entered their bank details yet. What happens?

In this case, we’ll do a “pre-authorisation” for the payment on your bank card – the money will be reserved for 7 days to send, but won’t actually leave your bank account. (Some bank accounts show your “Total” money and your “Available” money – pre-authorisations reserving money are why those numbers can be different!)

We’ll send a reminder to the recipient asking them to set up acasaPay and add their bank account to receive the money. If they do so within 7 days, they’ll receive the money and it will leave your bank account as expected.

If they don’t set up a bank account during that time, or you delete the payment inside acasa, the pre-authorisation will automatically expire after the 7 days is up – we’ll then undo any changes to the house balances inside the app and the money will be available in your bank account again.

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