My lease is shorter than 12 months, can I still sign up?

Yes! Even if you have a shorter lease, you can still sign up for services via acasa. Just be aware of any contract lengths as you sign up with the supplier, and if applicable, pick a shorter contract so you can cancel when you need to move out.


Depending on your choice of tariff, there may be exit fees if you leave early.


Is completely flexible based on how long you are living in the property.

TV License:

You’ll be able to pay monthly for TV License. When you are ready to move out your TV Licence payments can be cancelled directly with TV Licensing.


We offer a range of broadband suppliers. In most cases, even if the contract is longer than 12 months, you can request to take your contracts with you if you move home, without incurring a penalty or early cancellation charge. Please check the offer details and terms on the supplier’s site for confirmation as it does vary between suppliers.

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