Our story, and our vision

The way the world lives and works, plays and pays, travels and stays has changed forever. ‘Generation Rent’ has embraced these changes like no other. But when it comes to actually managing where we spend most of our time and money – the home – none of these seismic shifts have occurred.

Running a home is still analogue, archaic and arduous. Dealing with finances, maintenance, utilities and services is a hot mess of incomprehensible spreadsheets.

For us, this is deeply personal. Because we are the customer. We are Generation Rent. We know and share the frustrations, we’ve dealt with the disappointments and put up with the problems. And we are completely obsessed with solving them.

That’s why we started acasa. To build the foundational technology for the home, so the world can live better, together.

Our vision is to create a unified, frictionless and deeply integrated platform that will bring the home into the digital age. Ultimately, we will create the ability to ‘log-in’ and ‘log-out’ of any home, anywhere in the world. With a single click.

We’re on a mission to make the experience of moving in, managing and moving on as delightful as it should be. From the very first property to the very last.

And you’re part of that mission too. In fact, you’re front and centre. Please do say hi if you want to help, be involved, or contribute to our shared mission.

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