Someone sent me money with acasaPay, why is it still not in my account?

There could be a couple of reasons:

  • If the payment has been sent on an evening or weekend, it may not arrive until the next weekday morning.
  • If receiving that payment would take you over a total of £750 sent or received with acasaPay, it will not go through until you have a verified your ID, due to European security and anti-fraud checks. If you verify your ID within 7 days of the payment being sent, it will arrive in your bank account as normal. You can verify your ID using the acasa app, go to “Settings > acasaPay > Verify your identity”.

If you and the recipient have both verified your ID and the money has still not hit the correct account after 3 days, please get in touch with our customer service, by going to “Settings > Support & Feedback” in the app. 

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