What is acasa?

acasa is a platform that takes the hassle out of managing household finances with the people you live with. By injecting technology and transparency into an archaic process of paper bills and long phone calls, through acasa you can set up and manage all of your major household bills and expenses. acasa is fast, affordable and hassle free.

At acasa, we’ll set up, split and settle your different bills from the start to end of your tenancy – we collect and transfer your money directly to the bill company. Enter your postcode to get started!

1 person is no longer stuck as “the bill person.”
Even though most of us live in shared houses with split bills, we know that it tends to be 1 person who get’s stuck with the responsibility. That’s not fair. We help you get all of the bills set up in a matter of minutes, not hours. We then take on the management responsibility for you inside your acasa app. Each month, bills are delivered automatically split inside your acasa app. Each person in your home can pay their share of the bill straight to the supplier.

Prices that are fair – long term.
It’s too often that suppliers end up tricking then over-charging you with confusing pricing schemes. With acasa we work to always deliver you prices that are fair. We want you to know you are getting a good price for each of your household bill you pay with us whether you use acasa for 6 months or 10 years.

Split, track and receive budgeting insight on all household spending.
On top of setting up and and managing your major household bills – we also let you manually track any other shared expense you have in your house. Inside the acasa app you can add a cost for any expense from rent to toilet paper and see where you stand on the acasa dashboard.

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