Who is acasa for?

Everyone! Whatever your story, acasa can help you live better together with those you live with.


University is supposed to be one of the best times of your lives, don’t get distraught over arguments with housemates over “who paid what.” acasa will let you set up and auto split bills automatically with your numerous housemates. You can even add the smaller expenses like toilet paper or cleaner suppliers using the acasa app. 

Young Professionals:

When you’re busy with work life and want to enjoy what little home life you have, there are more important things to worry then which flatmate has paid their share of the bill. We’ll keep track of your household bills so you can focus on more pub quizzes and weekend barbecues.

International arrivals:

There are a lot of things you have to figure out when you move country, managing household bills should not be one of them! With acasa, you will have one less new thing to worry about. Feel confident that you are getting fair prices and all the bills have been set up properly for your home.



Moving in with your partner is a big step but don’t let discussions over household bills kill the romance. acasa has helped couples around the world manage their shared bills. Set an automatic split and forget on your bills managed through acasa based on what works for your relationship. Whether it’s 50%-50% split or adjusted for one person who is earning more to pay 70%-30%.


We are currently exploring more ways to help landlords manage their tenants’ bills. If you are interested in using acasa with your tenants, please get in touch at contact@helloacasa.com

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