Tell us about your house and choose your services so we can show you how you could be saving up to £200/year on all your bills. If you’re happy with the quote, confirm and checkout to finish getting set up!

joint billing

Full transparency for everyone in your house, and no one needs to front all the cash for your bills. Whether you’re students, a couple or just sharing – this is the simplest way to get your bills paid (your words, not ours)!

stay notified

The acasa app gives you a dashboard for your home in your pocket. We’ll keep you notified about your service switchovers, let you know when next month’s bills are due, and confirm when everything is paid.

run your home

…and it’s not just for your bills. The acasa app will let you track any other household cost, see who owes what with your running house balances, and you can even settle up and pay someone back through the app.