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  • No setup or usage fees - just pay your bills

    acasa is free to use to set up, pay for and manage all your bills – we make our money from running the billing for our suppliers, so we can keep costs down for you!

  • Not just your bills - track any other household expense

    Beyond your bills, you can use acasa to keep track of any other household expense. We track it on the acasa dashboard with all your bills, so you can forget about who owes what!

  • Settle up and pay people back with acasa

    Don’t just pay your bills, with the acasa app you can settle up with anyone in your house and send money straight to their bank account.

  • Great in-app customer service

    It’s super easy to get in touch – just drop us a message using our in-app chat if you’re having any issues, and we’ll do our best to sort it out ASAP!

We use the app every day for everything from splitting costs of family night, cleaning products, cat food and takeaways. It's made sharing costs so simple as we always know where we stand and whose turn it is to pay. We love the 'pay through the app' function and recurring costs for monthly bills makes everything a breeze!

Roisin, Bristol

I've used the app with my then girlfriend, and now wife for about a year. Without it I doubt we'd be married! So thanks guys - I owe my marital bliss to you.

Nathan, London