Letter from our CEO

Discontinuation of Utility Bill Management for UK Customers

Announcement: Discontinuation of Utility Bill Management for UK Customers

We have spent countless hours and sleepless nights working on acasa for the past 7 years, but from March we will be discontinuing utility bill management services for our UK customers.

It is with utmost regret that we have had to make this decision to discontinue this current set of utility bill services for our customers in the UK, but we hope you can understand that having analysed this decision to no end – we found we could not deliver the customer promises we made and did not want any of you to lose out because of that.

We have partnered with Glide Utilities to provide an option for our customers who want to continue with a bill splitting and utility bill management solution. For any of our customers who don’t want to take that option, we will have to hand the management of your bills back to you directly. We will no longer be able to support utility bill management customers beyond the end of March.

The acasa app will continue to manually track and split costs between housemates, which thousands of you worldwide still use to live better together.

You can get in touch with us by emailing us at support@helloacasa.com

Thank You and Further Information

We started acasa with a simple yet powerful mission – to help the world live better, together. We are proud of the product we built and whilst we have helped 100,000’s of residents worldwide, we have not been able to generate enough revenue to maintain the customer experience we set out to deliver or maintain our current overheads.

For all of you who joined us on our journey in any form, we offer you our deepest gratitude. It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years and we’ve grown professionally from our time together.

This is a difficult time for our now small team of 7 and we will do our utmost to give you the best service over the next month by getting back to you all as quickly as possible. However we do ask that you please be kind and respectful to our team during our final month with acasa.

Nick Katz, FRICS
Co-founder & CEO