Our pricing

Too many companies confuse customers with their prices. We like to keep things simple, fair and free.

How we compare

There are a number of bill splitting companies around, many of which have shiny deals and offers. But are they really offering the best deal? At acasa we focus on offering you the fairest price. We don’t charge extra fees. Our housemates pay only for their bills.

* prices are shown from average 3 bedroom London home - but are representative of nationwide comparisons

How the numbers stack up

Did you know, 85% of the UK are still with the Big 6 energy suppliers? That’s the likes of British Gas and EDF who often charge a lot more than the smaller players. Despite this, people are often hesitant to switch, largely because they don’t trust energy suppliers. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

We partner with Octopus Energy because they only fund 100% green energy, they’re the best-rated Which? recommended energy supplier and they’re miles cheaper than the big guys. In fact, we guarantee to be cheaper than the Big 6 standard tariffs.

*** based on typical annual consumption of 3,100kwh electricity and 12,000kwh gas in London region

How we make money

We don’t charge deposits, monthly fees or high fees for exceeding usage caps. You just pay your bills. So how can we be so affordable? We get paid by our utility partners for each month you’re with us, so we’ve got every incentive to make sure you feel fully at home with acasa.

We get paid 8% of your energy bill. That makes your bill slightly more than if you'd set it up yourself, but still cheaper than the bill splitting fees that other companies hit you with. We get paid 10% of your broadband bill too. However, this one is the exact same amount as if you'd set it up yourself.

We're basically the "bills person" for your home, handling all the boring admin and payments for both you and our utility partners to make everyone's lives easier.

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