All our latest pricing details are available when you get a quote through our homepage. Enter your postcode to get the quote (and available services) for your area. On the quote page, click “Full Details” to see full tariff information.

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Octopus Energy

We have a special tariff with Octopus Energy which guarantees 100% of your electricity is covered by supply from certified renewable sources, and carbon offsetting for 100% of the gas you use. The price is fixed for 12 months, but you can move away any time with no penalties.

Zone Broadband

We offer 9 month contracts – perfect for students with shorter tenancies – as well as longer 12 month contracts. You pay slightly more per month for the shorter contract, but it still works out better than paying the full 12 months when you’ll not be at the property – as you have to do with most other providers. Our three different speeds are “Fibre+” (up to 76Mbps super-fast fibre optic), “Fibre” (up to 38Mbps fibre optic) and “Basic” (up to 17Mbps for a cheaper rate and for those who can’t get a fibre connection).

Zone Broadband do not charge for standard installation or activation. If there a phone line needs to be connected to your building, it will cost £48.

If you miss your installation appointment, there is a charge of £120 – this is the same for all UK broadband providers.

The cessation charge is £40 – this does not apply if the next tenants use Zone Broadband or you take Zone to your next home.

* Dependant on location, phone line and time of day

Virgin Media

We’ll connect your home to Virgin’s super-fast network at up to 300Mbps. We offer 9 and 12-month contracts.


Whatever your water bill would have been without acasa, you’ll pay exactly that. No more, and without any charges. Unfortunately there is no way to switch and save money for your water bill, so we just make it simpler.

Initially we estimate your water bill, and this is based on the water company you’ll be with, and the number of people in your house. But it is a rough estimate because water billing is a convoluted and variable world unfortunately.

TV Licence

We pass your TV Licence payment on to TV Licensing without any fee or charges.