FAQs if you have received new Terms and Conditions – December 2023

Q: What’s changing?
A: The following:

  • Terms and conditions will reflect new suppliers consumer terms and conditions
  • Rebel Energy will take over the energy supply contract
  • Utility Mix will take over the broadband supply contract
  • No change to payments
  • No disruption to service/supply

Q: Why are you making this change?
A: We frequently review our offering and want to ensure you are receiving the best service from the best suppliers. As part of our management service we regularly review suppliers and have selected the suppliers who meet our ethical considerations as well as excellent service standards.

Q: Are my prices changing?
A: No, your prices are unchanged by this switch.

Q: Who are Rebel Energy?
Rebel was founded to offer clean energy, fair prices and superb customer service. They generate their energy in the UK, and invest in carbon-removal projects throughout the country.
Read more about its ethical and green credentials.

Q: Who are Utility Mix
A: Utility Mix have been appointed by Goodlord to manage the Bills Included package on our behalf.

Q: Do I get a different energy deal?
A: No, your energy deal remains the same.

Q: How do I object to this change?
A: We are discontinuing the previous arrangement; this is the only package available through acasa.

Q: What happens to my internet connection?
A: Your existing BT broadband service remains in place through Utility Mix, with no visible change to your current service or equipment.

Q: Who’s name will be on the utility bills?
A: Previously “Goodlord” was the appointed bill payer; as a result of this change, your name (purchaser of Bills Included) will be on Utility Bills going forwards. Any post should be scanned or photographed and sent on to support@heyacasa.com and we’ll resolve the query with the utility supplier directly.

Q: What happens to my water provider?
A: Your water supplier remains unchanged.

Q: Who can I speak to about this?
A: Contact us through the chat function in your acasa app or email the Customer Support team at support@heyacasa.com

Q: What do I need to do?
A: Nothing! Sit back and let us take care of everything, however it’s always good to keep your meter readings up to date. Please update them in the acasa app.

Q: What should I do if my providers contact me?
A: In the unlikely event your previous energy or broadband suppliers contact you, please forward the communication on to support@heyacasa.com. Our Support team will handle any queries to make sure your transition is hassle free.

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