the app that runs your home

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Stress free home management

Set up your energy and broadband through acasa and we’ll help you run your home. No splitting fees, just pay the cost of your bill through the app. More services coming soon!

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Household payments made simple

Whether it is to a service provider, your partner or one of your housemates - you can use acasaPay to send money directly to the right bank account.

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Get clarity on household spending

Avoid arguments over who owes what - you can split, track and record all other costs and payments, from rent and TV to toilet roll and food shops!

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acasa at a glance

Renewable energy

100% Renewable Energy

Going green doesn't have to cost the earth with our acasa Super Green tariff.


Superfast broadband

We have different internet packages to suit your needs, from superfast to short contract.

Split any bill

Split any bill big or small

All your household costs and payments, split however you want them.


Send money with acasaPay

Integrated payments to help keep your household all squared.

Fully mobile

Fully mobile

Keep acasa with you, and stay notified about bills and payments in your home.

Avoid arguments

Avoid arguments

No more awkward conversations about money according to 90% of our houses.



Using acasa for your energy could save you up to £157/year compared to the major providers.


Here to help

Have a question? You can always get in touch with the in-app chat.