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why we are building acasa

Each month, the majority of our money gets spent on running our homes. From rent & electricity to the wifi, household bills are expensive! Yet when it comes to actually managing these expenses, it feels like our homes are stuck in the past.

Dealing with home finances, maintenance, utilities and services is a hot mess of incomprehensible spreadsheets, unsettled payments, passive aggressive fridge messages and broken promises.

That’s why we started acasa. To create a unified, frictionless and deeply integrated platform that will bring the home into the digital age. To build the foundational technology for the home, so the world can live better, together.

Ultimately, we will create the ability to ‘log-in’ and ‘log-out’ of any home, anywhere in the world. With a single click.

So we’re building the right partnerships with the key players and the best providers. The ones that get it and get us. That are fair, accountable, responsible and sustainable. That will deliver the best deals, services and products.

We’re creating technology that will step up and then step back. That is mobile-first, customer-focussed and design-led. That will empower people to live their lives in the way they want.

Because we’re on a mission to make the experience of moving in, managing and moving on as delightful as it should be. From the very first property to the very last.

And you’re part of that mission too. In fact, you’re front and centre.

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our commitment to charity

We’ve made a commitment of giving one per cent of our revenue to charitable and social causes in the housing space. We’re thrilled to announce our first partnership in this space with Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, who work to help people leave homelessness behind for good. The alignment between acasa’s purpose and Crisis’ is uncanny and we’re looking forward to becoming an increasingly important partner in their journey to eradicate homelessness.

Nick, Vas & the acasa Team