Rent shouldn't be a puzzle

We'll collect and piece together your rent payments so you can keep your sanity whilst keeping your landlords and tenants happy. Sound good?

A smarter way to manage rent collection

If your tenants want to pay their rent separately, or you spend too long figuring out which of them have paid their rent, you need the simplicity and clarity acasa's rent collection provides.

Easy setup for tenants

Realtime rent reports for you

Rent collection? Sorted.
We’ll collect rent from each tenant, tell you who is ready to pay, and pay you on time, with one payment per property.
Reminders? Sorted.
Send notifications via email, text and in-app push notification to remind or chase any tenant.
Reconciliation? Sorted.
Our realtime reports will give you full clarity over who has paid and who hasn’t, individually and per-house.

We'll get you up and running quickly

Our team will work closely with you to ensure seamless integration with your tenancy and accounting processes. We'll even send you a pair of acasa socks so you can look good while you put your feet up, now that you're no longer hunting for unassigned rent payments.

Powerful, flexible payments with acasa

We've handled millions of pounds of rent, utility and inter-tenant payments, with our sophisticated billing for all kinds of multi-tenanted homes.

Secure payment processing

With our industry leading partners GoCardless and MangoPay, rest assured your rent payments will be collected reliably.

JSL your ASTs

Your tenancy agreements are already jointly-and-severally-liable. Now your tenants can automatically cover each other if someone is behind on rent.

Pricing guarantee

If you're already paying to manage rent collections, we guarantee to match or beat that.