Nick Katz
CEO & Co-founder
Nick has worked in the US and the UK for nearly a decade in just about every segment of the real estate industry possible. He's bought and sold commercial buildings, improved the energy efficiency of hotels, and deployed software to large property portfolios. In 2013 Nick joined VC backed Honest Buildings as Head of Europe before launching acasa. Nick loves the idea of leveraging technology to help people live better at home. He's an expert at dealing with housemate issues having rented and shared nine properties in London.
Vasanth Subramanian
CTO & Co-founder
Vasanth brings deep development experience from delivering software solutions and improving user experiences for two FTSE 250 technology firms. At acasa, anything technology or product related runs through Vasanth. He loves the intersection of data, property and people and solving real world problems with tech. He has encountered his fair share of problems in the housing sector, and has made it his mission to build technology to make housesharing less stressful and more delightful.
Ollie Bennett
Ollie joined acasa having already built a bill splitting tool for himself and is immersed in making the mobile and web app better every day for housemates like himself. When he's not out sailing, he's fixing missing semi-colons in Vasanth's code and improving our build and deployment processes. Despite all that, he is most proud of having the least active Twitter account of anyone on the team.
Saumeel Pachigar
Head of Partnerships
Pach joined acasa having founded his own start up in the shared billing space. He has a strong desire in realising the vision of creating a product that makes the world live better together. At acasa Pach's core focus is throwing jokes at Mike and then its commercial partnerships, integrations and payments.
Julianne Sloane
Growth Marketer
Julianne, originally from Washington State came to London to join the acasa marketing team. She's lived in Latin America for over 2 years and is always looking for opportunities to practice her Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys running and tea time. She is also on a mission to make friends with everyone in London and master an English accent.
Melania Galea
Android Developer
With Transylvanian roots, right from the heart of Dracula’s land, Mel brings love for all things mobile and AI in the office. She has already founded (and failed) a tech startup in the fashion industry, knowing the joys and pains of building products. Mel shipped software for companies like Google and Nokia before and aims to always build cool things matter. When she’s not writing code, she loves jamming to jazzy tunes and empowering women in business.
Mike Austin
Partnership Operations
Having originally come from a social enterprise background, Mike is a passionate advocate of acasa directly helping to change the world with green energy and our 1% charity pledge. Working together with Pach for a few years previously, Mike now leads our delivery of acasa Services and integration with our awesome partners. When he's not talking about bills, he's probably talking about solar lamps and his past ventures to deliver green energy to the world.
Daniel-Ernest Luff
iOS Developer
There are two things you can assume when you meet Daniel, he is holding a coffee and planning his next weekend away. Obsessed with product, you can find him toiling away, making sure that the app is better for all housemates and obsessing over any dashboards found in the office. When he isn't in the office, prepare to see him on a bike, cycling the streets, or getting excited about the new acasa coffee blend he is concocting.