want to help our residents run their home?

We want to build the right partnerships with the key players and the best providers. The ones that get it and get us. That are fair, accountable, responsible and sustainable. That will deliver the best deals, services and products. If you think your business will fit in with our vision then we want to hear from you!

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everybody wins with acasa

We want to help you extend, improve and retain relationships with our customers through an integrated home management platform. The acasa app, which is live on iOS, Android and web, automates and streamlines the process of moving in, managing and moving on not only for the customer. We want to partner with companies that help along this journey.

building trust with technology

acasa makes it easier to set up, switch and purchase utilities and services.
We not only create a better experience for your tenants, but we’re making managing
your home mobile. That matters to this generation. Give them stuff that they want, make
it digital when it can be and physical when it can’t. We’ll work with you to design the
best experience possible for your residents.

Customer support

We have great customer support that makes residents feel safe and reassured in the ever messy,
unpredictable life of managing the home.

Our commitment

We give 1% of of our revenue to fight homelessness. Everyone deserves a home,
with right, fair, and equal treatment.

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