Why am I seeing transactions with the name MangoPay on my bank statements?

At acasa, we use MangoPay to securely process your payments. We are just one of many companies who use MangoPay, and if you see an unexpected transaction on your statement showing “acasa” (for instance, if you aren’t even a customer of ours!), it’s possible your bank has mis-labelled this as acasa when it’s actually a different company.

The first step if you don’t recognise the transaction would be to verify which transactions are from acasa. You can check this in the acasa app by looking at your Spending history – all payments affecting your acasa account are listed there.

If there are no payments here (or you don’t have an account!) the next step is to contact your bank to request details of the transaction. They may be able to provide more context and information which doesn’t show up on your statement. Once you identify the cause of the charge, you should inform your bank that the transaction has been mis-labelled; this will help avoid the same problem happening again!

As always, if you have any questions you can contact acasa.

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