How do suggested payments work?

We cancel out all the things you’ve paid for with all the times other people have paid for things on your behalf, and times you’ve been paid back. The remainder is your house balance and we’ll show you the fewest, simplest number of payments that you could make to be […]

How do I remove someone from a house?

If you want to remove someone (including yourself) from a house, you can do it by accessing the “Settings > Remove someone” option in the app. Before that person can be removed, you have to make sure of the following: there must not be any upcoming costs or bills in […]

What if someone in the house doesn’t pay?

When a bill is due, we automatically try to collect everyone’s share from the payment method they registered with acasa. If someone doesn’t pay (either because they didn’t sign up to acasa yet, or their payment method is invalid), then we’ll send the whole house an email explaining who we […]

Will you switch my water company?

In short, no – unlike energy or broadband, you can’t choose your supplier for water; that’s predetermined when your property is built (based on the area you’re in) and isn’t something that you can change. Bills Included When you choose a Bills Included package with acasa, we’ll set up a […]

How do I find out if I have a water meter?

Confused about your water bill? acasa can set up, split and settle up your water bills from the start to end of your tenancy – we collect payments from all housemates and transfer the money to the water company. Enter your postcode to get started. Your landlord or agent should […]