Do we pay automatically, or do we have to make payments ourselves?

When a bill is due, we’ll automatically try collecting everyone’s specific share of the bill. This means you don’t need to actively pay it yourself, it will happen in the background and you shouldn’t miss any payments.

If you want, you can also proactively make a payment towards the bill inside the acasa app. Before or after the bill is due.

If we aren’t able to collect the full amount of the bill, we’ll try and collect again 2 days after the bill is due, and then if we still can’t after a further 2 days, we’ll collect any unpaid money from anyone in the house with an active payment method. In the rare instance this happens, the app is able to track whether people have overpaid or underpaid relative to their share of the bill, so it’s reflected on everyone’s overall house balances in the acasa app and you can see who is owed what.

Within this billing period, anyone from the house can make a payment towards the bill proactively. If your payment failed, you can pay your share proactively. If you’re ‘down’ on the dashboard, you can square up by paying someone else’s share.

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