What if someone in the house doesn’t pay?

When a bill is due, we automatically try to collect everyone’s share from the payment method they registered with acasa. If someone doesn’t pay (either because they didn’t sign up to acasa yet, or their payment method is invalid), then we’ll send the whole house an email explaining who we weren’t able to collect money from and why.

We’ll try to collect after 2 days, and again a few days later. If our repeated attempts fail, we may collect the remaining money from anyone in the house who has an active payment method. If this happens, we’ll keep track of it in the acasa app so you can easily see whether somebody overpaid or underpaid relative to their share of a bill and see that reflected on your overall house balances.

We provide plenty of notice and inform all tenants, both via email and in the app, before taking any payments to cover outstanding balances. This “joint and several liability” billing is part of our Bills Included T&Cs.

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