How do I take a water meter reading?

Most meters are read by the water company themselves twice a year and your water bills will usually be based on actual meter readings.

Finding your meter

Most meters are on the public footpath outside your house or in the front garden. Occasionally it is located inside the house next to the stop tap (used to turn off the water supply in your home).

You will generally find it in a small chamber under a metal or plastic cover. Underneath the cover you may see a polystyrene plug which protects your meter against frost and debris. Remember to replace this when you have finished.

Reading your meter

On the meter face there are two sets of numbers, black on the left and red on the right. Only make a note of the black numbers – ignore the red ones.

Submitting your meter reading

Open the acasa app, and go to the ‘Bills’ page. Simply tap the ‘Meter Readings’ button, and then tap ‘Water’. Remember to only input the black numbers. Then tap ‘Submit’.

And that’s it!– we’ll send it off to your supplier right away.

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