How do I submit my meter readings?

This page covers our Bills Included packages. If you’re not paying for your services through acasa, you don’t need to upload any meter readings to us. If you’re paying the suppliers yourselves, you may still find our instructions below useful for finding and reading the meter, but you won’t need to tell us the readings!

Please be aware that with Bills Included packages, the amount you pay does not change month-to-month based on your usage; providing readings helps us open your account with the right reading and going forwards allows us to track usage against the fair usage limits.

It’s really helpful if you can provide at least a meter reading around the date you move in and/or the date you start your services with acasa.

Finding the meter in your home

There’s no one place to find the meter, but here are some common places to look!

  • Near the door, in a small boxed in area or cupboard.
  • Under the stairs or in the basement
  • In a communal cupboard or area (in a block of flats).
  • In the basement
  • Outside your home, near the street (gas and water only; electricity will be in a dry place!)
  • No gas meter? Do you have a (gas) boiler for hot water, or use gas for cooking? If not, you probably don’t have a gas supply at all.
  • No water meter? No problem – many homes don’t have one, and instead are charged a fixed rate regardless of how much water is used.

If you can’t find your meter after looking around, you could ask your landlord or even a neighbour who might help.

Reading your utility meter

Our friends at Octopus Energy have a great article about how to read the numbers off your meter. The key thing is to ignore any red numbers or decimal points in the reading you give us.

Submitting the meter reading to us

There are a few ways to submit meter readings;

  • Through the acasa app (for iOS or Android); go to “Manage Services” and you’ll see your utility meters.
  • Through our website – click ‘acasa Services’ then ‘Meter Readings’.
  • Directly to the supplier. You can send meter readings directly to your supplier.

If you have any problems or questions finding your meters or sharing your readings, you can always get in touch via in-app chat or using the links at the bottom of this page! 🙂

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