Can I set up Bills Included with a pre-payment energy meter?

An electricity or gas pre-payment meter is one where you’ll need to manually top up your credit using a special card or key, taken to a local corner shop to top-up the credit, then physically inserted into the meter to load that credit.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to take over the bills for a pre-payment meter, because we’re not able to load credit onto the meter and we can’t do this remotely.

When you enter your property details into acasa to check your Bills Included quote, we may initially show you an estimated quote, but this will be removed / unavailable if we subsequently determine that your property has a pre-payment meter.

What are my options?

I’m afraid the only option is to ask your energy supplier to switch you to a “credit meter” which is where bills are generated and paid in arrears. Typically a credit check would be required against you (by the supplier), but once replaced, we would be able to take control of the billing on your behalf if you wish going forwards. If you do get the meter replaced, simply get in touch and we can arrange for a new quote against the new meter. Bear in mind, utility companies typically take 6-8 weeks to replace a meter, so there is no immediate solution.

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