What internet / broadband speed will I get?

As part of our Bills Included package, we’ll include broadband, unless you ask us to remove it.

When setting up your Internet, we simply choose the fastest option that is available at the property. If the property is able to get Virgin Media, we’ll get you the 400Mb package. Otherwise, we’d get you a normal connection which typically goes up to Fibre 76Mb – still plenty fast enough for streaming Netflix, gaming etc. on multiple devices at the same time. Of course, the actual speed would depend on factors like how far your property is from the exchange etc but that applies to whichever supplier or internet option you choose. This is all unlimited usage as well – there are no caps or limits on it.

If I can help with any more internet-related questions or anything else about our bills included package or acasa in general, please get in touch as normal!

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