Who is my current energy provider?

We can’t easily tell you who your current electricity and/or gas supplier is. However, as the person responsible for the bill, you’re able to find out your own supplier. The process depends on your region.

Step 1

Use this search tool to find your energy “network operator”.

The “operator” is NOT the same as your “supplier” (who you pay for the energy), but you can only find out your supplier via your operator!

You will need to enter your postcode in two parts (so “AA12BB” becomes “AA1” and “2BB” in the two boxes. You will see one operator for electricity and one for gas.

Step 2

If your supplier is in the list below, click the link to retrieve your details. If not, go to Step 3.

Step 3

If your operator isn’t listed above, go to the website of the network operator (electricity, and gas if needed).

Search the operator’s website or FAQs for how to find your supplier.

This link may look like “Who’s my electricity supplier” or “What’s my MPAN?”

If you can’t find any details about that, you should contact the operator to ask for your existing supplier.

Other Options

For gas specifically, you can find your existing gas supplier by visiting findmysupplier.energy but this doesn’t work for all postcodes such as for properties without gas. There is also a phone number you can ring to find out your supplier, but it is a PREMIUM RATE number so you will be charged additionally if you phone this: 0870 608 1524.

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