Are there any usage limits?


The energy in your Goodlord Bills quote is effectively unlimited; the amount you pay will not change month-by-month based on normal usage in your home. However, there are two situations in which the price may change;

  • First, we have a “fair usage” clause in the Goodlord Bills Terms and Conditions which means that if your usage is unreasonably high (eg. if you leave the heating on 24/7 all year) then we reserve the right to increase your monthly price to account for this. We’re confident that a very small minority of users may be abusive and hit this limit; it’s designed so that you’ll never hit this limit unless your usage is very excessive.

  • Second, we reserve the right to update the monthly pricing if the energy markets change by an amount that we cannot accommodate; this means that if energy prices across the market become so high that we would not be able to retain our ability to provide the service to you, we may need to pass this cost on to you via an increased monthly price.

  • Your energy usage will be assessed, and payment may be adjusted (as with other energy suppliers) to ensure that you are only billed for the energy that you use. At the end of the contract, you will be refunded for any payments you made for unused energy.


For the internet part of the package, there are absolutely no additional fees based on usage; it’s unlimited.


For water,  if you’ve got a water meter then the water supplier will take readings (usually without any involvement from you) but – as with energy – your payment won’t change . The same fair usage policy applies to protect us if you use an excessive and unreasonable amount of water.

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