Can I cancel my bills included package?

First of all, our bills package has a 14 day cool-off period (from the day you order it) in which you can cancel for free and for a full refund of anything you’ve paid. Simply get in touch with us within that timeframe.

After that initial 14 days, your 12 month contract can still be cancelled but will incur a one-off cancellation fee of £30 plus £30 per remaining month in the contract. This is because often we will be in a contract on your behalf – for instance with Internet – which we may not be able to leave. For example, if you cancel in month 10, you’d pay £30 + 2 months at £30 each = £90 total for the account.

If you think you’ll need a shorter contract, please let us know as we may be able to agree to a shorter-length arrangement with you.

You can see full details of the fees and any other details in the Goodlord Bills Terms and Conditions.

If you are outside the 14 day cool-off period and are considering cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible via chat or email at to discuss your options.

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