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We'll help you set services up, track them and get paid back by your housemates.

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We help all housemates pay their share of any bill each month. Zero stress.

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No more angry texts about who used the milk - split any house costs and settle up in seconds.

1000s of housemates,
living better together.

We get it. We know housesharing is complicated and sorting bills is stressful and boring. That’s why we’ve learnt the ins-and-outs, found great deals and have our sidekicks to help with any problem. In short, we’re the best housemate you’ve ever lived with.

Set up your bills in three minutes

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Bills can be split so you'll always know who needs to cover their share.

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Get notified, see when bills are due and who owes what.

Fair and honest. That’s how we roll.

We're very selective about the partners we work with so we can be sure that our housemates (that's you!) are getting a fair deal in every aspect of their acasa experience.

Get the app

The acasa app lets you stay on top of your bills, split anything from milk to Netflix and settle up with your housemates in seconds.

Green options

Through acasa, you have the option of setting up or switching to 100% green electricity. Sweet.

Here to help

Our great team is available over email or live chat to help with setting up and sorting out your bills and payments.

"acasa makes life so much easier. My housemates and I have used it since moving in in September and makes it so much fairer. Would highly recommend!"

Lily - uses acasa in her uni house

"acasa helps us to live together in peace. We don't need to worry about who paid more or less, just simply add every cost in the app and it will figure it out for us."

Levy - uses acasa with his housemate

"acasa is totally great!! I can't imagine the arguments we've avoided thanks to this nifty app – no household is complete without it!"

Owen - uses acasa with his housemates

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