Personal Assistant, London

There’s nothing worse than being on holiday – sunbathing on a beach in Australia or exploring a ruined Chateau in Southern France – and having to break out of holiday mode to send a rent due email to your London housemates. I’ve travelled a lot this past year and it has been a relief to […]


We are 232, an institution,

We are 232, an institution, a group of four besties, living in harmony and havoc equally. We use acasa every day for everything from splitting costs of family nights, cleaning products, cat food, takeaways and inevitably copious rounds of gin. It’s made sharing costs so simple as we always know where we stand, and who’s […]



acasa reduces the friction caused by typical household debt. It has become an essential tool for us to maintain accountability and focus on the positives!


Entrepreneur, London

acasa is totally great!! I can’t imagine the arguments we’ve avoided thanks to this nifty app – no household is complete without it!


The simple way to organise

The simple way to organise the unorganised.


Handy on house shares. Takes

Handy on house shares. Takes the stress out of bills and the cost of everyday house items.