Moving in – what do I need to do?

We have a great list of things to sort out when moving into a new property on our blog. This article will go into a bit more detail about the specific services and how you’ll need to set them up.

Bills Included

Heads up! If you’d rather not deal with any of this, we have a ‘bills included’ package (available to most but not all properties) which you can set up via the acasa app or website (see the “Services” section then “Bills Included” button). We’ll collect payments each month and set up and manage everything for you behind the scenes. Not got the app yet? Simple enter your postcode to get a quote.

Energy (Electricity + Gas)

  • Your property will almost always have energy ready to use when you move in. This is provided by the existing supplier – whether anybody has set up an account for you or not. You can find your existing energy supplier if you need to.
  • If you decide to switch supplier, this can take up to 17 days and so should be initiated a few weeks before you move in. You can set up your energy with our recommended supplier ScottishPower directly; start by entering your postcode and you can complete the switch and add your payment details directly on their website during setup.
  • Unless your supply has successfully switched by the time you move in, you will need to pay the existing supplier for any energy you use between move-in day and the day you switch (if you choose to switch). It’s important that you get in touch with them to pay this, as failure to do so may prevent your switch to a different supplier from going ahead. Read more about ensuring your switch goes without a hitch!
  • You should take photos of your meter – clearly showing the readings and numbers on the meter – the day you move in (or a few days either side). This may be useful if you need to show the readings as they were when you became responsible for paying for energy. Read more about how to read your meter or submit readings.
  • The acasa app can help you set up a switch to a new energy provider if you’d like to – start by entering your postcode.
  • There are some other useful articles about how to switch or manage your home’s energy provision.

Internet / Broadband

  • When you move in, you won’t already have an internet connection set up; it’s normally cancelled and removed when the previous tenants leave.
  • You can freely choose from a range of internet providers – the acasa app has a good selection of approved suppliers; enter your postcode to see the list available at your address.
  • Most suppliers us the OpenReach network (i.e. a “landline” connection). However, some addresses are supplied by fibre providers instead – you should look through the different providers to see who may service your property.

TV Licence

  • You’ll need to set this up if you’re planning to watch any live TV or iPlayer on any device in your home.
  • The link to set up the licence is available in the acasa app.
  • See our other TV Licence help articles to answer any other questions.


  • Your water will be running the day you move in, even if you haven’t been in touch with the water company yet. There’s no rush or requirement to set this up before your move in day so don’t worry.
  • A water account will be set up for you soon after you move in. You should wait for a letter from the supplier or you can reach out to them to let them know your details and that you’ve moved in.
  • There is no option to pick or change your water supplier in the UK; the supplier in your area provides water to your property. You’ll be charged by the supplier directly (unless you have a bills included arrangement where someone else pays for water).
  • You can find out your current water supplier by checking in the “Services” section of the acasa app once you’ve entered your home’s address details. If you’d like to be proactive, or if you haven’t heard from the water company within a couple of weeks, we suggest you use the link in acasa to contact your water company and register for an online account with them.
  • We’ve written a few other helpful articles about setting up and managing your water bills – check them out!

Council Tax

  • Every property is liable to register for Council Tax.
  • You can register with the council but this may not be possible if you’re asked for a reference. If required, a reference will be posted to you within a few weeks to a month after you move in. This can be a slow process, but the letter you receive will have detailed instructions for how to register yourself with the council.
  • Tenancies with one or more students should still register with the council, but will usually be eligible for a discount or exemption. You may need to fill an exemption form in this case.
  • You can find your local council via the acasa app – go to “Services” then “Council Tax” and we’ll display your local council for you, with a link to their “move in” registration form.


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