Your complete checklist for moving home

Make moving day a little bit easier by getting organised with our complete moving home checklist. Follow this guide and you’ll have everything sorted in advance, from sorting your parking permits to making sure your broadband’s ready to go.

Before the move 

  • Consider utility switching. When starting a new tenancy, you can choose your gas and electricity providers, so why not take this opportunity to look for greener, more competitive deals? Start your research 7-10 days before the move, and you can be all set up the moment you put the key in your new door. The existing providers to your new property as well as your newly chosen ones will need move-day meter readings from you, after which you can sit back and await confirmation through the post.
  • Redirect your mail. It only takes a few minutes to redirect your post through the Royal Mail website when moving house, but it can take up to five working days for the change to take effect, so get organised.
  • If you drive, you may need to arrange temporary parking permits at your new address to tide you over until you have a full resident’s permit.
  • Arrange contents insurance to cover your belongings if they get damaged, stolen or lost. You never know what’s around the corner. You’ll need to work out how much your things are roughly worth, highlighting any high value items. Separately, liability insurance will also protect you for any damage you (or your friends) make to the property: something worth considering.
  • Shop around for good value TV and broadband packages. In these fast-moving times, deals are bound to be better than they were last time you moved, so make the most of this fresh start to find out if you could get faster WiFi and a wider choice of channels than you did in your previous pad.
  • Research and book your removal company or van hire (plus extra muscle if needed) as soon as you know the date you’re moving house. If you’re using a removal company, make sure your belongings are insured in transit.

On moving day

  • First thing, pack an overnight bag and put it aside so you have your toothbrush and phone charger to hand when you need them later.
  • Note down your gas, electricity and water meter readings from your old and new properties and let your suppliers know the numbers. That way, you won’t pay a penny more. than you need to when utility switching.
  • You’ll need to switch your address for council tax on your local government website.
  • Head out to meet your neighbours: the friendliest way to find out when bin day is.

Just after the move 

  • Avoid a hefty fine from the DVLA by changing the address on your driver’s licence online 
  • You’ll need to inform your bank, doctor’s surgery, HR department at work, credit card companies, and any memberships you may have of your new address.
  • Find your local recycling centre and tip (unless you rather like that pile of moving boxes blocking your TV).
  • Investigate offers for cleaning services or meal-kit deliveries. You can save money and hassle in just a few clicks with these time-saving offers.
  • Put your feet up, plan your housewarming and enjoy your new home.