split your student utility bills

Set up all your uni house bills in one place. When you join acasa we automatically share the bills evenly between you and your housemates

No extra fees. Just pay your student house bills, acasa is free to use!

1000s of happy student homes

student bill packages

We’re the ‘bills person’ for your house

You normally spend 8 days a year dealing with multiple household bills and providers. We do that for you, so that you can all get back to enjoying your home, not managing it.

An acasa home is a happy home

Don’t let finances get in the way of a happy home - acasa keeps track of everything for you so you save time, effort & any potential awkwardness around payments.

Clarity for your uni house

With the acasa app, you’ll never be caught out by a bill again, with full transparency over when things are due and who has to pay.

how we do things

Set up

Get your free quote to see how you could save up to £200/year - just add your card details at checkout to get acasa set up in your house!

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Joint billing

Each person directly pays their share of the bills, so no one needs to front all the cash. Whether you're students, a couple or just sharing - this is the simplest way to get your bills paid with full transparency!

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Stay notified

The acasa app gives you a dashboard for your home. Stay notified about your service switchovers, see your next upcoming bills and confirm when everything is paid. It's the future!

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Run your home

...and it's not just for your bills. Use the acasa app to track any other household cost, see who owes what with your running house balances and even settle up and pay someone back through the app.

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Simple, secure card payments

Setting up your payments is easy - just add a bank card and we'll take care of the rest. No sensitive data stays with us - it's only handled by our payments processor who is fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Great customer service

Use our live chat to get in touch if you have a question, and we’ll get back to you in minutes.

Green & cheap

Our energy comes from the only Which? Recommended Supplier for energy - Octopus Energy.

Everyone needs a home

We donate 1% of our revenue to charitable causes in the housing space, to help create more happy homes.

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