Everyone knows that Easter is a time for eggs. It’s a glorious period where supermarkets engage in price wars and allow you to drown in chocolate for under a tenner. Lovers of chocolate love Easter, but do they also love eggs?

So while we know that chocolate eggs are eaten in ungodly quantities during Easter, we weren’t so sure about real eggs. So at the Splittable HQ, we decided to investigate whether the promotional push from supermarkets around chocolate eggs had any impact on the amount of normal eggs being eaten.

We analysed thousands of ‘egg related’ costs our housemates entered over a period of 3 months. We looked specifically at the amount of ‘eggs’ purchased and also of the amount of ‘egg-related costs’


After trawling through the data, we found that yes, more eggs are eaten in the month of March than January and February. Overall- there were 9% more ‘eggs’ being purchased and split between housemates than in February.


While 9% is not a huge increase of egg trends, we found that when comparing January to March there was an increase of 60% in egg related purchases.


Pre and post Lent purchases show a particularly large difference in household egg expenses. Comparing the 2 weeks before the start of Lent – 10 Feb – and the fortnight after this date, there are 41% more eggs being purchased.


We don’t know if it’s a coincidence but it appears that all the tasty chocolate eggs makes people want to buy actual eggs! Did the supermarkets hatch an evil plan to promote chocolate eggs with the real idea of selling more eggs? We think so….


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