After months of development we are proud to announce our latest feature. Our CTO, Vasanth Subramanian describes this update as “an Uber meets Arnold Schwarzenegger meets primary school teacher — basically Kindergarten Cop on demand.”

Have a housemate that never washes the dishes? No problem! As part of our vision to harmonise the way people live together you can simply request a ‘flat enforcer’ from inside the app and one of our vetted enforcers will arrive at your flat within 30 minutes. It’s called EOD — Enforcer on Demand.

Each of our current flat enforcers are verified bodybuilders and most double as concert or club security guards. The service is aimed at enforcing actions such as: washing up the dishes, paying the rent, taking out the garbage.

The guards don’t actually enforce using physical violence, they just stand in silence with an intimidating look and general presence. A 16 stoner will literally stand outside your housemate’s room and wait for them to wash the dishes.

Teddy, who beta tested the new app and is also a doctor from Hammersmith, felt that the new feature is a game changer.teddy

“My roommate James hadn’t hoovered for weeks. He’s generally a real pest and leaves breadcrumbs under the sofa all the time! But when Ivan turned up, had a nice slow brewed tea and made it clear he wasn’t leaving, there was a real shift in James’s attitude. He hoovered the whole house in a hour. It was
incredible. I’d recommend the app to anyone looking to solve any issues in the home. Thanks Ivan and Splittable!”

Want to try out an Enforcer with your housemate? Download the app!