Unlease is a platform for renting rooms for 1-4 months in Oxford and London. We sat down with Jack Crewe, Unlease’s digital marketer to learn more about what having a short-term lease really entails.

How does a short-term lease differ from a traditional lease?

Time. Traditionally leases take the form of a 12-month contract, which gives little flexibility for people who might not want to be in one place for a whole year. It’s a fairly out-dated way of organising the rental market, especially considering the fact that people are moving around more than ever – thanks gig economy!

Short-term, and medium-term, leases represent a completely different attitude when it comes to renting. They offer renters the opportunity to experience new places, and follow opportunities, in places they otherwise might not. The low commitment means that you are freed up to embrace interests on a global scale. It’s the best way to live!

What should you look for in a short-term lease contract?

There are a few things to keep in mind. Understanding the type of contract you have is very important, as this affects the nature of your relationship with your landlord. For instance are housemates jointly liable, or individually?

There are then certain things that your landlord cannot put in their contract, which you need to be aware of eg changing it’s terms whenever they like.

I’m going away for 2 months – am I allowed to sublet my room?

There’s controversy surrounding subletting, some landlords don’t have a problem with it, while others really do. It depends on your agreement with them.

Subletting is a growing phenomenon in the rental market, and if you’re going to do it, it’s best to do it safely. So keep safe with Unlease!

Where can I look to find a short-term lease/post my own?

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more up market to rent, and just for a few days, AirBnb is your best bet. If you’re hosting then you’ll have to put some effort into fulfilling an AirBnb hosting standard.

For longer term Spareroom is a good option, and a very relaxed atmosphere. Move flat is another that can sometimes yield some good options.

However, for that sweet middle spot there’s no place like Unlease. We look after all those that can’t make a lengthy commitment, and those that want to actually somewhere new.

Any other important things to consider when finding a short-term lease?

Find out if they take a deposit, and how it’s protected, as well as any other additional charges. For London location is everything, particularly with respect to transport links, so it’s best to imagine where you’ll be travelling to frequently on CityMapper.

Most importantly for any short-term adventure is the people you meet, so try and get a sense of the kind of person they are. If they are excited to share their lifestyle with you then you know you’re heading for a formative experience. Unlease is a platform that is built around this possibility.

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