For the many budget constrained individuals moving to London, renting a room inside an existing flatshare is a great way to save money and meet people. Here are the best ways to find a flatshare or replace a flatmate that is moving out.


The Two Most Frequently Used Flatmate Finder Sites


Spareroom is the UK’s busiest flatshare site and the most well known in London. The site boasts that someone finds a flat using their website every three minutes. This site is best if you are looking for an empty room in an existing flatshare or looking to replace a roommate that is moving away. You can also attend one of their Speed Flatmating events if you want to meet a multitude of potential flatmates at once.


EasyRoommate is an established flatmate finder with listings all around the world. EasyRoommate has listings across 10 cities in England not to mention a variety of other cities in the United Kingdom and across Europe. This is a great place to both look for a room or to fill up a room if someone in your flat share is moving away.


Ideal Flatmate serves as a social network for flat-hunters. You can easily message other flat seekers from their profiles and create groups of potential flats.

Additional Resources:

Flatmate Finding Facebook Groups

London Startup Flats & Flatshares: Working at a tech startup in London? This Facebook group is run by Techhub and is a place for people in tech companies/startups to find a place to live together.

London Flat Share: One of the biggest flat sharing groups in London with over 40k members wide variety of private/agent run properties for rent.

Flatshare in London from Friends: An 8k group with a fairly constant offering of flats to rent.

London Student Flat Share: Over 16k members to help students living in London find a place to live together.

Hava Wana Room: 6.2 k members that shares about people looking for flatmates in London.

You can even find country specific flatshare Facebook groups like this one for Russians or this one for Spaniards.

More Flatmate Finding Websites










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