How to save hundreds of £’s on your student housing bills

You’re a student, so finances are tight. While we know that you want to spend your money on booze and late night chicken, we all need to keep a roof over our heads and have lights that turn on.

Each month, rent and the essential housing bills are one of the biggest hits to the student budget. Here at acasa, our goal is to help students save time and money on these major student bills so you can afford more late night chicken. We do this by helping you set up, manage and automatically split all of your major housing bills with your housemates. We even help you track and split small bills like soap and loo roll so you don’t get left out as the only one buying these expenses.

How does acasa help you save money?

Every extra penny counts when you are living on student loans, thats why our focus is on offering providers that are cheap. Octopus Energy, our energy provider is cheaper than the majority of the Big 6 variable tariffs and is renewable. Octopus has no exit fees if you want to end your supply after just 9 months and if you end up using less energy than your fixed monthly fee, you’ll get a refund at the end of the year. Origin Broadband, our broadband provider is also one of the most affordable on the market with deals starting at less than £20 a month for your broadband.

On top of offering you some of the best tariffs in the market, acasa takes the hassle away from “that one bill person” who is always asking other housemates to pay them back. Nick Katz, CEO of acasa says “One person always gets screwed over by having to be the one in charge of bills/finances (which also means they take on all the credit risk which most students don’t realise!).”

Since we know that most students live in shared homes – we make it easy to manage payments with your 5+ flatmates. Through the acasa app, each one of you can pay directly to the provider your 1/6th of the bill. When the bill is due, we automatically collect each share of the bill from the people in your home and send the money straight to the providers. All of this happens at no extra cost to you – we do not charge any ‘splitting fee.’ Lily, a third year student in Manchester says “acasa makes life so much easier. Me and my housemates have used it since moving in last September and makes it so much fairer. Would highly recommend.”

Is it hard to get set up?

Nope! Setting up the bills with acasa takes minutes and can be done from our website or from our app. On the website, after entering your postcode and a few basic stats about your home (approx 1 minute to complete), we’ll let you know how much each person should expect to pay each month in bills. If you are happy with that quote, just add your payment details then we handle the rest! After downloading the app it works the same allowing you to select which services you would like to have set up.

Your housemates will be able to download the app and a cost will automatically be added each month for all of you to let you know bills are due.

What if one of my housemates refuses to pay?

We’ve all had a stickler for a housemate who is slow to pay their share of the bills. If you have one housemate who refuses to download the app or just doesn’t pay their share – don’t worry, you won’t be at risk of late fees. You’ll have the chance to cover your flatmates share of the bill and we will add a cost to automatically reflect that they owe you money inside the app.