acasa vs Glide: A bill-splitting app comparison

Glide pioneered a new era of bill-splitting for UK sharers just as flat-sharing became the new norm for young professionals, students and unmarried couples in big cities.

But over a decade later, is it still the best option for keeping utility costs low and minimising the hassle of living with other people, some of whom you may not know that well (or like that much!)?

acasa is taking things a step further in making bill-splitting fairer, more modern and simpler for every kind of sharer there is. Here’s how our app-based solution measures up against Glide!

Bills package

Glide pioneered the concept of a bills package. acasa are running with this idea in a simple, app-based form, collating all your utility bills, broadband and TV licence into a single app. With acasa, you can even add track and split other household costs such as groceries, cleaning products and nights out!

Direct billing

Just like Glide, acasa uses direct billing so that everyone is accountable for their own bills. This means that, as opposed to a situation where one person has responsibility for a bill—or even all of them—no one is left bearing the burden of somebody else’s late payment.


Nowadays, you can pretty much run your life from your pocket with the help of your smartphone. There’s no reason your utility bills should be an exception to this. Whereas Glide relies on a larger online system, acasa puts your household costs at your fingertips with a clever, easy-to-use app as well as a state of the art website.

Energy efficiency

Environmental concerns are becoming integral to the way we run our homes as we all become more conscious of our carbon footprint. acasa wants to make reducing the impact your energy usage is having on the world as simple as possible by pairing you with eco-friendly suppliers at affordable rates.

Social Responsibility

The team at acasa are focused not only on making sure the little things work for you in your home, but also on helping the world live better together.


One of the biggest complaints you’ll find online about Glide is how much higher monthly payments can work out after their administration fees are added on.

Use acasa

acasa is a bill sharing app designed for anyone sharing a house, from students to young professionals to couples. With acasa, you can avoid unnecessary conflict around splitting utility bills with our direct billing and balance tracking systems. Get a free quote for your property and enjoy a more stress-free approach to managing your shared house.

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