The Student Discount Deals You Need To Know About

As a student, life can become all about how far you can make the monthly budget stretch and how hard you can pinch the pennies. However, it’s worth remembering that a lot of companies are aware of this, and give out great student deals that you should be taking advantage of. Read on to find out more.

6 months free amazon prime membership

As a student, you’re going to need all sorts of books (and probably a lot of other things, such as five varieties of fairy-lights and multiple cans of silly string) for your studies at pretty short notice. Why get out of your PJs to go to the library or the local shop when you can order whatever you need instantly from the comfort of your bedroom though your phone, tablet or laptop, and have it delivered the next day?

Amazon has a great deal for students which gives you free access to amazon prime for 6 months! Not only does this allow you to order whatever you want free of charge and still receive it the next day, you’ll also gain access to amazon TV!

50% off Spotify premium

Every student needs music for their daily commute to uni, to have in the background while they study and to play at their numerous house parties. What’s more, this music needs to be ad free.

That’s why Spotify offer 50% off their premium membership for the entirety of your time as a student! At just £4.99 a month for unlimited music, this deal is a steal that you don’t want to miss!

10% off at Superdrug

Going to uni or college means having to buy the boring stuff like toiletries. So, why pay full price when there are plenty of places that offer students discounted rates on these products?

For example, students are entitled to 10% off in Superdrug when they present an NUS student card or Unidays code at the checkout. Over the years you spend at uni, this small saving will add up to a surprising amount of ££’s better spent on having fun!

30% off at Zizzi

If you’ve moved in with a bunch of people you’ve never met before, it’s fair to say there’s some socialising that needs to be done to help break the (very thick) ice. The perfect way to do this, of course, is over great food.

That’s why Zizzi offer an astounding 30% off your entire bill for tables of upto 6 people when you present your NUS student card or Unidays code.

Hesitant about sharing the bill with people you don’t know all that well? Don’t be! With the student bill splitting app from acasa, you can pay your share of the meal cost through an easy to use mobile app, avoiding any chance of tension between you and your new housemates!

When the food is that well priced and awkwardly divvying the bill becomes a thing of the past, there really are no excuses!

Bank Accounts

This might seem like a bit of a strange one, but banks (yes, banks) offer great deals for students. Ok, so they don’t give you free money as such, but they come pretty close to it.

Banks offer specific accounts which are created specifically for students. They often offer a larger overdraft limit, greater interest rates and pretty decent perks just for signing up.

For example, the 123 student account from Santander offers a £1500 interest free overdraft, interest of 3% on values from £300 to £2000 and even throws in a free four year 16-25 railcard, which will save you ⅓ on rail fares!

If you shop around, it’s possible to find a banking deal that can save you serious amount of money. Santander are just one provider with one deal, but there are lots of others out there—it will just take a bit of research to find the one that can most benefit you.

The same goes for all student deals. There are literally thousands out there, and they’re in all kinds of industries- from banking, to travel, to leisure, to healthcare. If you put the effort into finding these great offers, you’ll start to find that your budget stretches further for longer.

I know, it seems too good to be true. But these deals really are out there for the taking. All you need is proof that you’re a student in the form of a Uni ID card, an NUS card or the free Unidays app, and an eye for a good deal when you see one!

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