How Much Are Student Bills Per Month

Congratulations, you’re in! If you’re getting ready to start or return to university in September, it’s a hugely exciting time. But you’ll also be paying for a lot of things for the very first time and may understandably be trying to budget for the future.

What you’ll be paying for

Student life is notoriously expensive—as you have to buy course materials, membership to certain societies and endless the cups of coffee you’ll be buying for those late-night study sessions—but what do your basic costs amount to?

  • Rent: £535/mth on average. This will be lower in some cheaper university towns and much more expensive in cities, particularly London (£640/mth average)
  • Utilities (Gas, electric, water): average dual-fuel tariff is £97 for a three or four bedroom house, £137 for five bedrooms. The average water and sewerage bill is around £33 a month, but this depends on where you live.
  • Broadband: around £38.99/mth, but dependent on your provider. Divide this figure by the number of people in your house.
  • TV License: The license fee is currently £154.50, which works out at £12.87/mth. In a four-bedroom house, this is just £3.21/mth per person.

Additional monthly expenses might include car insurance, phone contract, contents insurance and bus pass.

How much are student bills per week?

Most weekly expenses are calculated by dividing the monthly fee by four, for the average number of weeks in a month. Using the average figures above, this works out at:

  • Rent: £125/week outside of London, £183/week in London
  • Utilities: £24.25-£34.25/week for a dual-fuel gas and electric bill, depending on whether you live in a four or a five-bedroom house plus £8.25/week for water
  • Broadband: £9.74/week on average, once again depending on your chosen provider.
  • TV License: TV Licensing allows users to pay in weekly installments using a payment card. This starts from around £6 a week.

Use a bill-splitting app

Shopping around for the best-value providers, managing multiple payment dates and ensuring you’re not shouldering someone else’s part of the household expenses can get complicated. You don’t want to be dealing with unnecessary amounts of admin all while juggling your studies, social life and potential part-time work.

To manage all of these costs, it might be best to pay for your student bills using a bill-splitting app that matches you up with low-cost providers. With platforms like acasa, you can pay for all your household expenses in a single student bills package, removing the hassle for you.

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